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What is the Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)?

The Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) is sent by your insurance carrier if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA or MAPD) or Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). This document outlines any changes made by the carrier for your plan that become effective January 1, 2021. Changes may include premiums, deductibles, providers in network, covered drugs and drug tier changes, or a reduction of the service area to name a few. It is important to review this document prior to the Annual Election Period (AEP) which runs October 15th to December 7th.


When will I receive the Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)?

The ANOC will be sent to you by the end of September. If your carrier provides a member portal or you have opted to receive documents digitally, you will get an e-mail or instructions on how to download the document. If you do not receive your ANOC at the end of September contact your carrier.


I have reviewed the ANOC and want to see my options what do I do?

Contact a Perfiniti agent at 888.885.8361 we will be happy to review your plan options and find a plan that fits your needs.  We can enroll online, by phone or in-person.


I am happy with the plan changes what do I do?

If you are satisfied with the changes to your plan you don’t have to do anything, you will be enrolled in your current plan for 2021 .

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