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Medicare Preventive Care - Schedule Your Screenings Today!

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Medicare covers many preventive services to help you detect health issues early, get care and live a healthy life. Early detection is the key to survival treatment of many diseases and cancers. It's best to speak with your doctor about these screenings and get your appointments scheduled.

Medicare Covered Preventive Screenings

Colorectal Cancer Screenings


Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans Coverage

All Medicare Preventive Services are covered at 0$ copay. Your Medicare Supplement Plan may also offer gym discounts or memberships to further keep you healthy.

Medicare Part C- Medicare Advantage Plans Coverage

All Medicare Preventive Services are covered at 0$ copay.

Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to keep you healthy, you even have a Wellness Team that will work with you to assure you are doing what you need to stay young.

Part of that is making sure you are scheduling your preventive care visits. They also may offer a 24 hour nurse hotline to answer questions and provide guidance.

Your Medicare Part C Plan will also pay for you to have a gym membership which is a great way to feel good about yourself and help with balance and strength.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those screenings so you can be proactive in keeping you the best you can be!

For further information on how your plan covers services, please refer to your outline of coverage or Evidence of Coverage issued by your plan.

Have questions on which plan is right for you?

Contact a Perfiniti Licensed Agent today! 888.885.8361

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