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Using Your New 2021 ID Cards


A new year means new ID Cards for your plan. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan with or without drug coverage or a stand alone Part D Drug plan you will receive cards for 2021. It is important to show your updated card to your providers and pharmacist when seeking care.


How to Request a Replacement Card?
Contact your plan’s customer service department to request a new card or visit the carrier’s website.


Do I Show my Red, White and Blue Medicare Card When I Get Coverage?


Medicare Only Enrollees
You will show your Medicare Card for services


Medicare and Enrolled in a Part D Drug Plan
You will show your Medicare Card and your Medicare Part D ID Card when filling

prescription drugs


Medicare Supplement Enrollees 
You will show the provider your Medicare Card, the ID card for your Medicare Supplement plan and if you have Part D coverage, your Part D ID Card when filling prescription drugs


Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollees
You will only show your Medicare Advantage card to providers. If your plan includes prescription drug coverage you will only show your Medicare Advantage plan card to the pharmacist, Medicare Advantage plans have all of their claims processed by the insurance carrier on Medicare’s behalf. 


Help Prevent Medicare Fraud


You can help prevent fraud by following these tips:


  • Always keep your Medicare Card, Social 

  • Security Card and Medicare Plan ID Cards in a safe place

  • Do not give your Medicare Card, Medicare 

  • Number, Social Security Card or number to anyone other than your medical providers or people you trust.

  • Use a calendar to document all medical appointments, procedures and tests

  • Question any unusual claims or bills


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