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I finally retired………Now what do I do?

Man building a model airplane

I hear this a lot, what to do with your time after working for so many years.

  1. You can continue to work, but if you are under the age of your full retirement benefits, you are only allowed to make $21,240.00 without it affecting your Social Security Benefits. Once you reach the age of 67, you can make as much as you would like.

  2. Find your passion! Maybe you enjoy the hunt for treasures at thrift stores and flea markets, then go ahead and sell them on eBay for some extra cash. Maybe you always wanted to be an artist, take classes, create your art and sell it, any of these will keep you busy.

  3. Volunteer! Do you love animals? Volunteer at a shelter or maybe foster animals from the shelter. Do you like being with people? Try volunteering at your nearest Nursing home, they always need someone to call out BINGO. Do you enjoy cooking? Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry. There are always places that can use volunteers on a daily or weekly basis.

  4. Work Out! You may have a $0.00 gym membership with your Medicare Advantage Plan, use it.

  5. Travel! Take the back roads and experience new people and foods and small hidden treasures of the backroads of America. Travel to foreign countries if that’s what is on your bucket list. Get out of the house and get moving

  6. Start a new hobby! Have you always wanted to try stained glass making? Maybe fishing is your thing. Whatever you have an interest in, try it. Learning at any time in life is never a waste.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas and motivation to get you off the couch and out doing what you enjoy!

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