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The Benefits of Exercise

Man in gym with exercise ball

So, you now have a “free” Gym membership with your Medicare Advantage Plan, but the thought of exercising makes your joints hurt. Here are some great alternatives to the treadmill.


Most gyms will have a pool, especially YMCA’s. Working out in a pool is good for your joints and gives you a lot of resistance. The gyms also offer classes for the pool such as Water Aerobics, an arthritis class in the pool, or just open swim. This is a great workout and very stress free on your body, so I always recommend looking at gym’s with pools.


See if the gym offers classes such as “stretch and balance,” or Tai Chi, even check for chair yoga. They are all very low impact and help with balance (which we all need) and stretching of the muscle groups. These are wonderful alternatives to the dreaded treadmill or stationary bike.


Using the machines for weight training are a great idea because they isolate muscle groups and will make you stronger, faster. By using low weight and high reps, you will notice a difference fairly quickly in your stamina, strength and overall appearance. If you only have free weights or dumbbells, you can still do weight training, just be sure to check your form and use low weight and high reps.

Your plan will also offer you classes and gear to work out at home if you prefer. You can follow along with the videos, or just log your daily steps. All are great ways to get the body moving and help with balance. Get out in the sunshine and fresh air and take a walk, it will help you sleep better, want to eat better and just give you an overall sense of connection with the earth.

Enjoy this benefit available from your Medicare Advantage Plan, and get out and MOVE!

*** Always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program. Check with your Medicare Advantage Plan carrier for details on gym membership coverage and options.

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