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Meet The Medicare Maven

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The Parts of Medicare

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Hi! My name is Lori Weiss and I am writing a series of Blogs to help navigate the very confusing world of Medicare. Please feel free to ask questions because you can never tell when someone has the same or a similar situation as yourself. Let's start with the Basics:

What is Medicare Part A?- Medicare Part A covers Hospitalization
What is Medicare Part B? - Medicare Part B covers all other Medical occurrences. Such as Doctors, Physical Therapy, Lab Work, Radiology and many other services.
What is Medicare Part C? - Medicare Part C is Medicaree Advantage Plans. They cover everything Medicare Part A and B cover as well as adding drug coverage with Medicare Part D and can add additional benefits.
What is Medicare Part D? - Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. This is offered with Medicare Advantage Plans or as a stand- alone policy added to Original Medicare or a Medicare Supplement Plan.

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