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Public Health Emergency is over. How to redetermine your Medicaid benefits.

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Now that the Public Health Emergency is over, will you lose your Medicaid or Medicare Savings Program benefits?

It is possible that you may lose your benefits, but there are steps you can take to help with the Medicaid redetermination

  1. You will be receiving a letter from the FSSA (or the state Medicaid system for your state), in that letter they will ask you to verify your information such as address, phone, etc. Fill in the information they are asking for, and mail it back to them immediately. This will expedite your redetermination and may be the only thing you have to do to keep your benefits.

  2. If the FSSA needs further verification, such as bank accounts for the last three months, or your award letter from Social Security, they will send out another letter asking for the verifications that they need. Be sure to get that information back to them as soon as possible because it is all time sensitive.

  3. The FSSA may send a letter for a phone interview to complete with them. They will ask you questions about things they have found in their system, such as an old car that you may have gotten rid of, old bank accounts and or even if you have Life Insurance or a Burial plot. At the time of the interview, they will tell you what they are “Pending” on, you need to get that information back to them as quickly as possible. Some things you may no longer be able to prove, but you can always write a letter stating where you are at with those items. Example: you had an old car in your name that you sold to a junk yard, just write a letter stating that and how much you received for it. This is perfectly acceptable but be clear and succinct in the letter.

  4. If you are still having problems keeping your benefits, you can always call our sister company The WellFund at 855.365.9300 and they can assist and guide you through the process at NO COST TO YOU!

Please, do not ignore these letters, as failing to turn in the requested documents will result in lose of your valuable benefits.

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