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Medicare Tips for 2024

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By now you have received your new card and plan information for 2024 and possibly have used your new plan at the pharmacy or doctor’s office. Today’s BLOG will discuss some tips and advice for using your plan and what to do if your plan isn’t meeting your needs.

Update Your Providers 

If you changed plans during the Annual Election Period (AEP), make sure you update your doctors and pharmacy with the new plan information and show your new card at all visits.


  • Medicare Advantage Plan members will only need to show their Medicare Advantage Plan Card for medical and pharmacy needs.


  • Those with a Medicare Supplement Plan will show their Red, White and Blue Medicare Card and their Medicare Supplement Card. If you also have Prescription Drug Coverage you will show your Part D card only at the Pharmacy.


  • Part D only enrollees will show their Red, White and Blue Medicare Card for hospital and services and their Part D drug card at the Pharmacy.

Use Your Plan Benefits 

Many Medicare Advantage Plans offer over-the-counter benefits (OTC) and extras such as gym memberships. This is a good time to make sure you order OTC supplies and start using the gym membership.


Know Your Options

If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA or MAPD) and it is not meeting your needs you can make a one-time switch using the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA OEP). This period started Jan 1st and ends March 31st. The effective date for your new policy starts the month after enrollment. During the MA OEP you can do the following:

  • Switch to another Medicare Advantage plan, with or without drug coverage

  • Switch back to Original Medicare, and if needed, add a Medicare Part D plan


Perfiniti Tip:

If you have questions about your plan, you can always call a Perfiniti Licensed Agent at 888.885.8361 or click the button to view our team and schedule an appointment.

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