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What is the Birthday Rule for Medicare Supplement Plans in Kentucky?

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Kentucky has passed a new rule for Medicare Supplement plan enrollees that became effective January 1,2024. This new rule allows those enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan to switch insurance carriers without underwriting around their birthday.

Who Qualifies for the Kentucky Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule?

To qualify for this rule you must meet the following requirements:

  • Current resident of Kentucky

  • You must already be enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan

  • You must be within 30 days before your birthday and no later that 60 days after your birthday to make a change in carriers.

Advantages of the Kentucky Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule?

Prior to this rule, individuals that wanted to change carriers for a lower premium had to go through medical underwriting. Those with chronic conditions usually would get denied for the new plan and experience higher premiums.

This rule eliminates that situation. It is important to remember that you can only change carriers during this time. You can not change from a Plan F to a Plan G.

Who does not Qualify for the Kentucky Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule?

  • Current residents of another state

  • Individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan

  • Those new to Medicare

  • Original Medicare only beneficiaires

How to switch carriers using the Kentucky Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule?

It is recommended to work with a licensed agent when considering switching carriers. They will help you compare multiple carriers and answer questions about customer service. The agent will then complete the application and make sure the Birthday Rule is applied.

Perfiniti Tip:

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