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What you should know when picking a Medicare broker

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

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Here are 6 questions to ask your broker:

1. Ask if they are a broker or an agent.

A broker should represent most if not all the insurance companies in your area. By offering a variety of companies and plans the broker can help you find the most comprehensive plan for your Medical and Rx needs.

Perfiniti Tip: Perfiniti employs brokers who are licensed with most major carriers in the Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois markets.

2. Is my broker local?

Most people would rather work with someone who is local to their area and can give them customer service immediately, even at their home if needed. Make sure the broker you choose is in your area or at least your state because they will have the most knowledge of what is available in your area.

Perfiniti Tip: We are located in Indiana as well as being on the Illinois and Kentucky borders. Our brokers work hard to know the details of the plans in your area so that we can find a plan that fits you.

3. How far is your broker willing to go to help you get the most benefits from your Medicare Coverage?

There are many programs available to those who qualify outside of Original Medicare and private Medicare plans. Ensure your broker is asking questions to see if you qualify for these programs.

Perfiniti Tip: Perfiniti asks questions to see if you qualify for these programs and will assist with the application and re-certification process all at no charge to you.

4. How many clients do they have?

The number of clients is not as important as the quality of service they provide, so whether your broker has 10 or 100 clients, ask if you will be able to call them when you need them. Are they full time agents or only work the Annual Election Period?

Perfiniti Tip: Perfiniti agents work year-round and will be here to assist you after your enrollment. We also schedule annual plan reviews to keep our clients up-to-date on market changes and new offerings.

5. Does your broker have a place of business?

With the pandemic a lot of brokers are working remote, but they should have a way for you to meet them in person. It can be at a coffee shop, the beneficiary’s home, or a café. You don’t have to have a brick and mortar space to help with Medicare enrollment, but it helps to know that your broker is accessible.

Perfiniti Tip: We have a brick and mortar office in Greenwood, Indiana as well as brokers in the field and at partner hospitals so you will always have a way to reach your broker when needed.

6. Is your broker offering you options or are they giving you a hard sell?

This should send up a red flag if your broker is only offering you one option. Your broker should obtain all of your prescriptions and doctors to ensure you are reviewing plans that cover your medications and have your doctors in-network.

Perfiniti Tip: Trust your gut. Perfiniti uses our technology to compare all the plans in your area side-by-side. This comparison shows your projected annual drug costs, if you will hit the coverage gap, and if your doctors are in-network.

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